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Quick Start Guide

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Tools

Img qsgHere we have our collective Quick Start Guide; documentation that will be of invaluable assistance to small companies who are new to the web and, or, those that want to get ahead marketing their products and services online.

This is certainly not an exhaustive manual showing you how to definitely win in marketing your business online, but it provides you with enough material to immediately get you started on a track that will lead to (at least) some progress if you diligently take the time out and follow the steps outlined.

Please download all of the files and consume the content in the order of their alphabetical prefixes. (PDF files + 1 PowerPoint Show)

It’s important to point out that the file “Everyday Tools” will typically be sent to you separately, and should normally include a record of the specific plug-ins that will be used in your particular website during the build period. So what is here is a file that highlights only the standard three (3) tools that each client of ours is given when we undertake a job for them.

These guides are almost a couple years old but will soon be updated to 2013-based content 😉

You may download the document viewers here, for Adobe PDFs.

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