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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. are the default way for customers to look for just about anything they want online – including products or services that your business may offer.

The ‘Optimization’ part in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is making sure that search engines understand what particular keywords your business is using to help customers better understand who you are, which services and products you sell, and where you happen to be selling them.

The other aspect of SEO which makes it so absolutely necessary is that it exists to help you with Authority. This ensures that search engines are aware that you have the best content on your website, which can be of benefit to their users’ search and consumption needs.

To grow your website’s authority, you must put out such great and informative content that people naturally want to share it and provide others with links to view it also.

In a nutshell, that’s SEO. And no matter your type of business, it will work to get you more eyes inside your ‘store’, and a ton more sales!

If you consider it, pretty much ALL websites that are created, are NOT initially optimized to take advantage of these benefits, and as such, are not making themselves more eligible to be found more easily when prospective customers are searching online for products or services, most of which may just be located very much nearby them.

You, reader, have customers that are walking by your business every day, whether physically walking by your store or office, or, your office’s products or services could be better Optimized online to ensure that WHEREVER your clients happen to be, that they can discover your website whenever they’re searching for offerings that you so happen to carry.

Look at it this way; aside from pumping millions per year into a traditional advertising and PR budget, it’s for simple reasons of SEO why large corporations who invest in this service, can have a mega-presence far well outside the bounds of even their country of origin.

Elements of the Process

From the initial Analysis all the way through to the final reporting, allow our team of highly-trained SEO experts help you to drive more traffic to your business, for better earnings and growth. Our fulfillment results in precise on-page optimization, proven SEO methodology, shareable content marketing, and quality link acquisitions – all fancy terms that equate to meaning that we strengthen your bottom-line and help you to be on the minds of more people when they are shopping around for the stuff that you quite possibly offer.

WebDev GO can also provide you with seamless SEO Client Migration services, to ensure that we can even onboard the work from your previous SEO provider.

SEO Services

Full, Comprehensive SEO Plans Start at $747/month


Link Clean-Up

Of varying levels, small, medium and large scale clean-ups. This service is aimed at websites that with/without a history of Webmaster warnings, with the most extensive website clean-ups including 2 reconsideration requests, reaching up to 15,000 historical backlinks, and the removal of 1,000 links.


Blog Outreach

This is awesome for link-building campaigns, and contains one keyword per post to authoritative domains, with high citation and trust flow.


SEO Consultation

Our standard Website Audit can provide accurate insight into your website’s online presence, giving you comparative metrics against your competitors, and to help spot opportunities that can increase your overall web performance. More advanced audits are geared toward competitive niches who need greater technical and thorough SEO deep-dives of all on-page and other website elements.


Local SEO: Starter (Basic)

Our Local SEO Packages are ideal for businesses with actual physical locations who want to build their presence locally. Positive outcomes of this service implementation include businesses attaining natural local ranking, and experiencing a higher rate foot traffic into store/s. Technically, the focus is on relevant citation building, effective on-page optimization including local schema implementation, natural link building, methodology-based solutions, and Google Map pack inclusion. This solution is or businesses who would like to establish local online visibility with 5 targeted keywords and 2 additional citations created per month.


Local SEO: Level 2 (Silver)

Level 2 is ideal for businesses looking to increase influence with 10 targeted keywords and 5 additional citations created per month.


Local SEO: Level 3 (gold)

This solution is for growing businesses that need improved local visibility and a wider reach by targeting 20 keywords and creating 10 additional citations per month.


Local SEO: Level 4 (Platinum)

And for Level 4, this is our most aggressive local package for businesses with tight local competition, targeting 30 keywords and 15 additional citations created monthly.


Organic SEO: Standard

Organic SEO Packages provide an on-page and off-page set of optimizations (through a mix of blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities), and is ideal for businesses who primarily operate online, compete nationally, or otherwise do not have actual physical store or company locations. We can help you in expanding your online reach and capturing a wider audience. This package provides on-page optimization and monthly off-page rank building.


Organic SEO: Level 2 (Silver)

Our Silver deal offers a robust building of off-page content and monthly blog publication for small businesses who are ready to expand their online reach.


Organic SEO: Level 3 (Gold)

This package includes more keywords geared toward capturing an even bigger audience — perfect for growing online brands with high demands in keyword targets.


Organic SEO: Level 4 (Platinum)

Our standard-bearing package includes monthly creation of diversified content, multiple site posts, and on-page optimization suited for businesses that have a bigger target market and whose needs are to be significantly competitive in search.


Competitive SEO

Our ultimate and most comprehensive SEO package is geared for aggressive SEO campaigns. It utilizes extensive on-page optimization and a diverse set of off-page link building activities. Competitive packages include a highly diverse month-on-month off-page submissions and outreach including video creation, PDF submissions, and more. This benefits brands in the most highly competitive industries and target 50 Keywords, and includes up to an estimated search volume of 20,000.

Search Engine Optimization Starts At $747/mo