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The Importance of Having a Website for Business

by | Nov 15, 2010 | Blog | 1 comment

Have you ever searched your local Yellow Pages or the Yellow Pages online looking for a particular company to gather resources on them, or to find out more about what they do only to find that they don’t have a website? Or, even more common, how about meeting with a business professional from your circle to find that they hand you their personal card with an email address from Gmail, or Hotmail? It is absolutely surprising to see just how many businesses today, in this modern era of technology and telecommute are lacking a website.

Having a website to promote your business and ideas is essential in today’s world, especially in a realm where most consumers are connected online, and websites can be so affordably attained. It serves both your business and your clients and stands as a fairly inexpensive way of advertising.

The ingredients you’ll need to start off are a unique domain name, a hosting provider with which to serve up your files, and the content to be created, typically by a design firm that does this sort of thing. Once you have identified and purchased your domain name it will remain yours for as long as it’s re-registered, typically on a yearly basis, and your hosting provider often has annual charges for their hosting service as well.

Img 89793271cYour web site is your shop window and the good thing about this store is that it is open round the clock. It should be eye-catching and transmit your main message in just a few seconds. Content must be present there that explains your message and brings across what you do. It should load fast, be reliable and look professional. After all, these attributes give a favorable impression about your website, which in turn makes your company or business look good.

So, you could probably tell by now that having a web site is not just for the aesthetics: for businesses but these days it’s a must. A company or business professional without a web site is like a salesperson without his business card. It is your public profile – a place that you can store tons of information about the core of what you do.

There are a few technologies that help to make a website easy to manage from the inside perspective also. A website is great if it can be easily edited and new information be placed up there as soon as it’s thought up: welcome to the age of the capable Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a software based system that is usually installed by a web designer, to be used by himself or a website owner to manage the content on a website and helps with the easy updating of input information. This information can be anything really: documents, images, movies, text, etc.

Img 77383451cLarger corporations may use intricate websites to not only power their customer-facing interactions but also their internal networks. For example, it is not unimaginable that huge businesses like Payless chain of stores would have their website connected to their business network and Customer Relational Management (CRM) and other work software.

Websites can also be fused with other web platforms to add great marketing benefits to your business. Social networking for example, is one such phenomenon that has taken websites to a whole other stratosphere of awareness since recent times. Viral social outposts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, etc. have assisted many a website in getting users engaged in the core business of their host companies, just in view of their naturally fun and interesting ways of pooling people together toward a particular topic or event.

Img Social 5

So there we have it, websites are a must in today’s very modern and tech-focused economy. No longer a value-added extension of business, but a necessity for driving awareness and significantly enhancing communications and productivity.

1 Comment

  1. Lloyd Crawford

    It is very important that we understand as entrepreneurs that the traditional way of doing business is soon to be a thing of the past. Pretty soon all stores will be “online” and we all will so have to admit that sooner or later. As of recently, more and more stores have been closing their door and now employing to their brand and business online based transactions. It, therefore, means that if an individual wants his or her business to thrive and compete for years to come, serious consideration would have to be made to make a website. It is a sad truth. Thank you for helping with information about the importance of having a website for your business. Well appreciated!


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