Superior, Modern Point-of-Sales Systems

Just Got Affordable.

What if we told you that you can afford a top-of-the-line Point-of-Sale solution for your small or medium shop, at just a fraction of the cost of what others can offer you for?

Get One of Our Systems

We’ve ensured that each small-business owner can walk away with a Point-of-Sale (PoS) system that’s fit for their kind of shop setup.

Receive Training

Having the nicest, most cutting-edge of systems won’t be complete without the requisite knowledge for its operations. We bridge that gap here.

Relax With Support

Our clients can rest assured that we will always be there, with at the very least, a base-class of support. Higher support tiers are also available.

Our Solutions Benefit You

So That You Can Run Your Shop With Ease

Our systems were crafted with an eye toward ensuring that your store remains modern and current well into the future.

Increased Efficiency

With good POS tools your store will operate much faster.

Ease of Use

The best touch technology makes you more productive.

Inventory Management

Track a product’s quantity-on-hand or setup reorder triggers.

Detailed Receipts

Provide your customers with more informed receipts.

Simplified Accounting

Streamline the accounting process and get printouts.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep a close eye on sales, profits, and expenses.

Solution Platform Features

Built to Perform.

…and to look super-slick. Not only will you have access to the latest technology, but you’ll now unlock greater productivity gains.

Dell 24″ Touch Monitor

The best touch technology to make you the most productive.

Powerful 4K Mini PC

Fast POS computers with local/cloud-based software.

Epson Thermal Printer

Super-speedy thermal printing with embedded company logo.

W/less Barcode Scanner

Free yourself to do smarter work with wireless scanning.

Key-Lock Cash Register

A standard for accepting and temporarily securing cash.

W/less Keyboard/Mouse

Uncluttering your workspace and keeping you focused on work.

Convenient 2nd Screen

Ensuring customer transparency and quicker lines.

Secure Devices Lock

Giving you peace of mind while you daily promote your store.

We’ve candidly looked at the Point-of-Sale industry in Jamaica and decided that we can enter a space in the market to fill a void, while offering our customers ultra-modern POS experiences better than others can, and at an affordable price point.

Simple Pricing

Almost There

An even more cost-
effective entry point.



Best Setup

Top to bottom, this setup is
ultimate for most businesses.



Custom Solution

Select a set of features
specific to your business.



Prices shown are in $JMD

For our “Almost There” Package you get access to our ideal setup minus a secondary display, and we use more affordable hardware, where appropriate.

With our “Custom Solution” you get the chance to supply your own PC for use in the final configuration, or otherwise gain the ability to personalize your setup. Either way, you still gain access to our ideal setup along with all our superior technical components and software.