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Retiring Legacy Yearly Web Hosting Support Subscription Service

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Blog, Updates

Out with the old…

Hi guys.

Thanks for having been a part of WebDev GO’s legacy support program for so many years.

We’ve updated the manner in which we work with our clients in deprecating our yearly support plan in favor of a monthly maintenance plan, and as such we’re ensuring that our clients themselves have a handle on the servers, domain name, and other assets upon which their business is based, rather than us at WebDev GO helping to manage those.

This means more affordable web hosting costs for you, as you now take over making those payments yourselves, and yet with only a few drawbacks: one of the major features of the support plan was to have us restore your website from outages, and to perform monthly backups. Today, the Control Panel system that you currently use does daily backups, and for any outages or downtime experienced this will now be billed by our regular hourly rate. A silver lining there though, is that there were not many occasions that customers called-in for outages in the past.

Across the board we thought now was the right time to retire the old support system.

Of course, as the need arises please call in for any form of assistance that you may need – the level of service remains responsive.

You would have gotten an email with login instructions. Please take the opportunity now to login to the web hosting provider to see your purchased products and their various periods for the annual renewals of each.

Thanks again for your patronage 😃

The Plan: From all the way back in Fall 2011 (previously; now depricated)


Critical to our clients’ peace of mind and central to our strategy is our yearly Web Hosting Support Plan which is included with every subscription package of our business.

Along with covering for the yearly domain name and web hosting plan, it affords our customers 3 things:

1. Website Restoration from Outage or Downtime

If your website breaks and no longer works properly, it’s up to us to help you to recover it to working order. We will walk with you through the guided processes and ensure that your downtime remains minimal, even if the fault of the breakage lies within user-generated errors. If your site goes down, we help you to get it back up!

2. Monthly Website Backups

Backups are done at least once per month which ensures that you’ll always have somewhere to start from in the case of a severe or otherwise seemingly unrecoverable situation. A backup feature is also included within your website and during the mandatory training period which occurs at the end of the website building process, clients are taught how to administer it, or to have this task delegated to a fellow coworker. In the total of both instances, we’ve got you covered!

3. Someone to Call… for just about anything

Let’s give an example of the extensibility of your Hosting Support coverage: In a lot of instances you’ll not ever remember all the ins and outs and nitty gritty details about the management of your website from what we’ve taught you in the initial training sessions. Supposing there’s a topic or an area that you’re not very keen on for accessing, managing or monitoring your website – call us. Are you planning to add a feature that you realize you may now need, but you think it may negatively impact the operations of your website or business? Why not chime in with us? How about you need advice on what kind of process you can add into your marketing mix to attract more visitors? Scenarios are far and wide, but again, we’re only a phone-call away, and are pleased to be your go-to, business-aid and consultants. Yes, for sure, call us!

Alright, we know… not ALL things are covered by our general Hosting Support plan, but there certainly exist several many things that are. And for those that are not, they’re handled under our company price list.

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