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What is a CMS?

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Blog | 0 comments

Why Use a Content Management System?

Websites have to be maintained in order to keep their content current and fresh. In times past a ‘Webmaster’ or an IT tech specialist employed to the company had the task of linking with the marketing personnel who had directives for changes for the company, and then updating these changes to the website content daily, or as time goes by. Now, this is probably still the preferable mode of action for larger companies who have these departments set up and the workers involved, but not every business is set up in that way. Some successful businesses are even small or home offices (SOHOs), and they’d have to then rely on their web design company for such assistance regularly, which means paying a respectable monthly fee.

Img 83479643A Content Management System (CMS) environment helps in this regard. In fact even large and enterprise businesses have come to rely on them for making day-to-day changes to their websites and networks. CMSs have come a long way, and can now be affordably employed for even the work-at-home mom in her SOHO. A good CMS acts as the basis on which to manage, build upon and maintain a website. If you can use your favorite word processing program, then more than likely you’ll be right at home in using a CMS – it’s just simplistically tailored that way! In this manner, you don’t have to pay a webmaster or a web design company to assist you in the daily maintenance and refreshing of content, unless you prefer to do so.

Even if you plan to make certain major changes to your website, or add a catalog or even an online shopping cart for your store, for example, our content management system solution provides for the framework necessary to add these and other robust features later on.


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